Iberico Chorizo

A classic which is perfect both in a sandwich and on a plate

Acorn-fed and from Guijuelo, a guarantee of exceptional quality

At Estanislao we design – and produce – our acorn-fed Iberico chorizo with the same painstaking attention to detail as other Iberian cold meats with a greater gourmet recognition.

Minced chunks of lean pork, paprika, garlic, oregano and salt are the ingredients we stuff into natural Iberico pig intestine, thereby creating the piece to be cured. The chorizo is then left to dry for a minimum of three months in our natural Guijuelo drying rooms, until is ready for tasting. A select cold meat with unrivalled flavour and quality.

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The whole acorn-fed Iberian chorizo to be sliced according to the consumer’s taste. Vacuum-packed for perfect conservation for months.

Practical and elegant pack containing three half pieces of acorn-fed Iberian chorizo, vacuum-packed. An intelligent way of keeping this flavoursome product for a longer time.