Iberico “Salchichón” Sausage

Aroma of Guijuelo and natural spices

Acorn-fed Iberico meat as tradition dictates

The secret of the Estanislao acorn-fed “salchichón” sausage lies in the judicious combination of ingredients. On the one hand, select lean meat from Iberico pigs; on the other, its natural spices which give it a fine aroma reminiscent of the Guijuelo local region.

Its spiced flavour, its less reddish tones, its fine minced meat… all of its characteristics set it apart from the other cold meats, although its curing time is similar. After three months of exposure to the cold, dry air of Guijuelo, it is ready to be eaten and enjoyed.

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The whole acorn-fed Iberico salchichón for slicing according to the consumer’s taste. Vacuum-packed for perfect conservation for months

Practical and elegant pack containing three half pieces of acorn-fed Iberico salchichón, vacuum-packed. An intelligent way of keeping this flavoursome product for a longer time.