Iberico Shoulder

Smaller than the ham, but with the same quality

This is the Estanislao acorn-fed Iberico shoulder (“paletilla”)

Its properties are similar to those of our acorn-fed ham, although it is slightly smaller in size. It comes from the front legs of the animal and is known as “paletilla” or Iberico shoulder.

Tradition reigns at Estanislao. And tradition has it that the Iberian shoulder is left to cure in our natural drying rooms in Guijuelo for a period of between 24 and 36 months, to take on its characteristic aroma.

Slowly, using traditional methods, the shoulder reaches the point where it is perfect for tasting. When we start cutting, we will perceive its intense aroma and its tempting red meat with fat marbling.

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A classic: the whole shoulder with its black hoof clearly visible, as tradition dictates. A set of quality knives and a good “jamonero”, or ham holder, is essential to cut the meat into small slices and begin its tasting.

The complete shoulder, but with the rind and bone removed. A more convenient format for cutting and eating.