Iberian meats with “Origen Guijuelo”, the world’s finest

Constant quality, products never short of exceptional

The “Origen Guijuelo” certificate is in itself a guarantee of quality which, in the case of Estanislao, takes this to a superior level of recognition. This is because our Iberian hams, shoulders and cold meats are lovingly cared for from the outset – the pig and its diet – to the moment they are sold, taking in all the stages of production.

Quality is the result of selecting the finest thoroughbred Iberian pigs, and allowing them to grow freely, feeding on acorns and grass. Quality is applying strict sanitary controls during slaughter and cutting. Quality is the consequence of respecting the traditional methods used by our ancestors and observing the curing times in the cold, dry air of the local Guijuelo region.

In short, constant, unchanged quality which you can never fail to appreciate when tasting our cured Iberian meats. Estanislao quality is the fruit of our dedication and know-how at every stage of the production of hams and cold meats that are never short of exceptional.