Traditional methods dating back more than 100 years

Cutting-edge installations, packaging and quality

After more than 100 years, maintaining the unconditional trust of our customers – and continuing to add new ones – is a sign that tradition and quality never go out of fashion.

At Estanislao we respect the traditional methods passed on to us by our grandparents. We know that to obtain excellent Iberian ham and cold meats, it is not enough just to have the finest raw material. The exquisite meat of our pigs requires a great deal of care, knowledge and time.

For example, in the case of our hams and pork shoulders; the salting, never in excess; the drying period in natural drying rooms, with the Guijuelo air distributed by the hand of man, by opening and closing windows; the maturing in cellars, where our master ham-maker oversees the progress and aroma of every item. Everything forms part of a ritual which is as old as it is necessary.

And, in contrast, we move with the times. With more elegant packaging, to make an ideal gift for someone else, or for yourself; with more convenient formats, of sliced meat, de-boned hams and shoulders or half pieces of cold meat. In this respect, Estanislao is a byword for innovation, with up-to-date installations and scrupulous compliance with the current quality controls.