Iberico Ham

Cured, acorn-fed ham with the Estanislao seal of quality

The perfect product to promote Guijuelo around the world

The acorn-fed Iberico ham is the most emblematic product of Guijuelo and, consequently, of Spanish gastronomy. Its aroma, flavour and unctuousness are unique. This is a premium article which is now appreciated all over the world.

To reach these levels of quality, at Estanislao we start off with thoroughbred Iberico pigs which roam and feed freely in a system called “montanera”. Its sought-after hind legs then go through a brief salting process and then a much longer curing phase – between 24 and 48 months – in natural drying rooms in the cold, dry Guijuelo air.

The daily care and the traditional methods result in an exceptional ham. A product with deep red-coloured meat, and rich fat marbling that give it a juicy texture, an incomparable flavour and outstanding Iberico personality.

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The most coveted gift. The icon of Guijuelo. This ham comes whole with its black hoof clearly visible, as tradition dictates. A set of quality knives and a good “jamonero”, or ham holder, is essential to cut the meat into small slices and begin its tasting.

The complete ham, but with the rind and bone removed. A more convenient format for cutting and eating.