Iberico Pork Loin

Quality on a par with acorn-fed ham

A premium product with an intense aroma

The Estanislao Iberico pork loin is a gourmet product that the experts rank alongside acorn-fed ham in quality. Its incomparable quality and flavour are the fruit of painstaking traditional production methods, where every detail counts.

To create it, we select the finest loins (the muscle that runs along the spine) from our Iberico pigs, before marinating them in a mild seasoning and then stuffing them into a skin made from the animal’s own intestine. After curing in natural drying rooms for a minimum of three months, the Iberian pork loin is then ready for eating. It is recognised by its intense aroma and bouquet, and by the delicate fat marbling in the russet-coloured meat.

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The whole shank of loin for slicing according to the consumer’s taste. Vacuum-packed for perfect conservation for months

Practical and elegant pack containing three half shanks of pork loin, vacuum-packed. An intelligent way of keeping this exquisite product for a longer time.