More than a century devoted to Iberian pork products

Estanislao is the living history of Guijuelo

The history of Estanislao is that of a family of entrepreneurs from Guijuelo, whose activity and vocation has always revolved around the Iberian pig.

It all began more than a 100 years ago. Then, as now, the oak groves and pastures in the region provided natural sustenance for the native breed of pigs. Every family killed its own pigs and stored the parts with the highest calorie values to see them through the harsh winter.

With a production of hams, cold meats, bacon, pork fat, etc., surplus to family requirements, our great-grandparents decided to broaden their horizons. Bartering between livestock owners and farmers was a common occurrence back then and they extended this activity throughout the Sierra de Salamanca mountains, the Region of La Vera, and later on as far as the provinces of León, Zamora and the south of Galicia. All of this was carried on using the rudimentary transport of the time, but the vocational business spirit was unshakeable.

As the years went by, the railway arrived in the area, stimulating trade and the transport of goods. That is when we began to select the finest Iberian pigs from Extremadura and Andalucía, for rearing and farming in Guijuelo.

With the aim of continuing the values of tradition and quality first established by our forefather Estanislao, we launched our brand in the 1980s. Today the same values are still with us, unchanged, and our experience grows as we carry on the family vocation.