“El Encinar de Poniente”, where Iberian pigs lead a happy life

The pastures of Extremadura in all their splendour

“El Encinar de Poniente” is an exceptional location in the province of Cáceres, where everything seems to have been arranged for Iberian pigs to roam freely and grow.

Scrubland, lush grass, holm-oaks and cork oaks. Pools and streams where water flows copiously. Hectares of open land for this noble animal waiting for the “montanera”, feeding principally on acorns.

This is where the Iberian pig finds the perfect conditions for growth and natural, unhurried fattening. In the earth, in the pure air, in the expert hand of the overseer who beats the oaks to release the acorns and provides shelter for the animals when the conditions are adverse. In every detail and in every nook and cranny of this Extremadura estate lies the secret of Estanislao.